ioLAMP India Services

io LAMP India is known for its turnkey service solutions; ranging from electrical contracts to that of snapping of fingers to switching off a bulb in automation.


Gone are those days where an incandescent bulb would light up the room, gone are those days where white light would imply superlative statement in the society. Today, light is perceived differently and reflects emotions of one’s mood. A right design can make or break the place.



io LAMP India have been in the business for a long time; we have seen the light change its colour, its form and evolve in what it is now. We have grown and learnt from our strong electrical background E to L of electrical.



io LAMP India works with finest of light fixtures and controllers that provide such ease and comfort -may it be remote control, or a swoosh over your mobile phone or motion sensors or voice command making sure to illuminate the office or home at a uniform time or to gradually welcome the dark.